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Yes, of Course We Offer COVID-19/Coronavirus Disinfection Services!

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In today's fast-paced and ever-competitive world of business, companies must always remain vigilant in providing a great work experience to attract and maintain employees and create positive impressions on customers. This means that a company can't just deliver their products and services with precision, but they also have to always look their best. This is often difficult, especially if a company is understaffed and has little time to devote to cleaning its facilities. Thankfully, there are companies that offer commercial cleaning services to handle the details of making a business look clean and presentable.

Are you looking for a janitorial cleaning company that serves Tucson, AZ, and the surrounding cities and towns? If so, then you should consider Compass Cleaning Solutions. We offer a broad range of cleaning solutions for any office environment or retail business that r

equire reliable, efficient, and affordable cleaning. Our cleaning crews will help you develop a custom cleaning package guaranteed to meet the disinfection and sanitization needs of your business. 


Commercial Cleaning Services Are Our Specialty

Regular Recurring Service

Many businesses require frequent cleaning. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we will clean your facilities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our commercial cleaning technicians will do everything they can to provide you with professional, consistent, and effective cleaning services.

Ceiling Restoration/Cleaning

Every surface of your building deserves to be clean, from top to bottom, starting with your ceilings! Our commercial cleaning professionals can remove smoke, grime, and grease build-up from your ceiling and wall surfaces. We can also restore the look of your ceiling if the situation calls for it. Be honest, when was the last time your ceiling was professionally cleaned?

Hard Floor Maintenance

Having squeaky clean floors is super important. It is often the first thing a person sees and hears when they enter your business. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we have the capability to clean and maintain every type of floor. Call today to receive a free quote for our hard floor care services.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Stains on your carpet can reflect badly on your business. Our cleaning staff will improve the look of your office building or retail space by removing dirt and grime and even spots and stains from your carpet. We can improve the life of your carpet which lowers your expenses as well as creating a healthy and clean environment for your employees.

Window Cleaning in Dusty Tucson

Look across the valley and most days you'll see a haze in the air. That haze is dust, dust that winds up on your windows. Dirty windows not only look bad but they create a negative impression of your business. They are also notoriously difficult and can be dangerous to clean. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we offer extensive window washing with state-of-the-art commercial cleaning equipment for every window type. Call today to learn more about our commercial window cleaning services.

Post Construction Clean Up Services 

Once construction has been completed and the work crew has left, someone must clean up their mess and get the property in tip-top shape. Hiring a commercial cleaning company in the Tucson area can save you the challenges of having to clean up after a remodeling project or new construction. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we will prepare your building for occupancy by completing every item on our job site to-do list. Our commercial cleaners know how to adapt to challenging schedules and can adjust our schedules to meet the specific cleaning needs of your job site.

Apartment Turnover Cleans in Tucson

Property management, did your last apartment tenant leave a disaster behind? Let us get your apartment space ready for the next lease to be signed, so all you have to worry about is background checks. We have experience turning over apartments quickly and can work in conjunction with any other maintenance crews you've got working on the space. Call today at 520-301-2114 for more information about our Tucson apartment cleaning services.

Tucson Event Cleaning Services

Do you have an event venue or recently had an office party? The clean-up that comes afterward is often challenging, especially if your staff has important business to take care of the next day. Relax, Compass Cleaning Solutions has you covered, with affordable prices! We will clean your space and make sure it is tip top and ready for business.

Day Porter Service

Do you have restroom and common areas that are used by your employees, visitors, and guests? Our Day Porters will restock and clean your facility during business hours so you don't have to. We will ensure even high traffic areas are clean and ship shape for the public. For more information about our day porter services, schedule an initial consultation with Compass Cleaning Solutions.

Tucson Medical Office and Facility Cleaning

Medical, dental, and healthcare offices often require a special level of cleaning care. Our commercial cleaning professionals know and understand the importance of protecting people from harmful germs, bacteria, and pathogens including COVID-19. We only use green cleaning products that help improve the health and safety of your staff and patients without harming the environment.

Janitorial Cleaning Company

We provide commercial janitorial services that reduce environmental impact by using the latest cleaning science technology and green cleaning products. If you are looking for extremely reliable and still budget-friendly janitorial cleaning services, then contact Compass Cleaning Solutions today. You can relax, knowing your company's reputation is in the right hands.

Restaurant Cleaning, Including the Kitchen Sink

Our commercial cleaning services include restaurant and kitchen cleaning. We provide both front-of-house and back-of-house restaurant cleaning. We also clean restaurant bathrooms and those grimy grease-covered kitchen ceilings using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Call today to learn more about our professional and customer-friendly cleaning services.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Disinfection Services

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to greatly step up their cleaning practices. Our commercial cleaning professionals know how to disinfect and sanitize your office space to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We use many methods, including electrostatic disinfection and an anti-microbial treatment to stop germs, bacteria, and dangerous pathogens from accumulating. Our sealant cleaning process has been proven to block COVID-19 for over 45 days!

Cleaning for health is always a priority at Compass Cleaning Solutions. We have helped commercial property owners prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and dangerous pathogens for many years. Our cleaning professionals can help you, your employees and your clients feel safe when entering your building. Call today for more information about the coronavirus disinfection services we provide.

A List of Additional Industries We Serve

Our janitorial business in Tucson, Arizona provides efficient, dedicated, and quality cleaning services to every business we work with. We have worked hard to become the go-to janitorial service provider for a multitude of business environments. The number of industries we serve but are not limited to include the following:

Office cleaning
  • Animal clinics and vet offices
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Business offices
  • Neighborhood community centers
  • Condominium HOA facilities
  • Fitness centers and gyms
  • Industrial buildings and manufacturing plants
  • Medical centers and medical offices (including surgical centers)
  • Office buildings (individual and multi-story, multi-tenant)
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and day care centers
  • Store Fronts and reception areas
No job is too big or small for our professional commercial cleaning team. You can rest assured knowing our commercial cleaners will work hard to earn your trust and execute a cleaning program that meets your demands, schedule, and desired budget. We always put what our customer needs first and promise to keep an open line of communication.

Franchise Opportunites

With the support of our experienced team, you can also tap into our top-tier commercial cleaning systems of success. We have the tools and training that give top franchise brands a run for their money. Our franchise opportunity may very well be the business opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Start one of your very own janitorial franchise businesses today!

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Our commercial cleaning company provides complete and professional service to businesses in Tucson, AZ, and the surrounding areas. We are passionate about your environment and will bring cleaning science to your workspace. We are dedicated to providing you with the best commercial cleaning services in Arizona. Our goal is to ensure you and your employees have a clean and germ-free workplace that impresses your customers and improves the success of your business. Call us anytime to schedule an initial consultation and receive a free commercial cleaning quote. Our friendly team looks forward to meeting with you and creating a customized cleaning plan. You can contact our team of cleaning experts by calling us at 520-301-2114 or schedule an appointment online.

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