Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Tucson, AZ

Post construction cleanupA construction site always seems to leave a big mess. Once the project is complete, post-construction cleaning is necessary before the new or remodeled building can open. If you have completed construction on a new apartment complex, office building or retail store location, then post-construction cleanup should be next on your to do list.

Frequently a post-construction team is hired to clean up a construction site and get the building ready for occupancy. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we will provide you with construction cleanup services you need to get "Open for Business". Whether you are updating a single office suite or an entire apartment building, our team of professionals will ensure your new tenants are pleased with the cleanliness of the space when they move in. Our speedy staff will make sure your units are ready as soon as possible.

For over two decades, our commercial cleaning technicians have assisted construction crews across Tucson, AZ and the surrounding cities including Marana and Oro Valley. Our post-construction cleaning services require a special discipline, with unique processes and associated safety requirements. If you are looking for a skilled and knowledgeable team to clean up your construction mess, give us a call. We will put our award-winning cleaning staff to work cleaning up the aftermath of your construction project.

What Exactly is Post-Construction Cleaning?

Are you a general or sub-contractor on a construction site? Or perhaps you have hired one to remodel, build or do tenant improvement work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you know you will eventually need to have the space cleaned and made ready for occupancy. Don't worry, this is where Compass Cleaning Solutions post-construction cleaning takes over.

There are two different levels of post-construction cleaning. The largest, and first level of cleaning, requires large machinery and a dumpster for debris removal. This is not the cleaning work we do.

The second level of cleaning, for the entire interior of the space, once all of the construction is complete, is the service we provide. This is where our post-construction cleaning pros come in and get the job done. We do it all, and we do it very well. This includes the window cleaning, indoor and outdoor cleaning of your environment, vacuuming, dusting, floor finishing including polishing, cleaning the cabinetry in the kitchen as wells as bathroom fixtures. This type of cleaning requires an attention to details as the new tenant wants to move into a pristine clean space.

How Many Times Should Perform Post-Construction Cleaning Services?

We frequently do several cleanings of the space prior to occupancy. Construction is often happening in one side of the building, while tenants are working in the other side of the space. Sometimes cleanup is required in multiple stages to keep the project on schedule. It is also common to have one cleaning prior to the walk-through with the new tenant and then another final cleaning after  a punch list is created and the last construction issues are addressed.

Having a janitorial cleaning company who is intimately familiar with these types of schedules and comfortable with the last-minute changes associated with them, is helpful and can reduce the stress levels of both the you and the contractor racing to meet a deadline. Having a Tucson janitorial company who completely understands this construction cleaning process can also save you money by avoiding penalties for missed completion deadlines. You, working together with your Compass Cleaning Solutions cleanup crew is the best insurance for a smooth and profitable process.

Scheduling can also pose a challenge when multiple sub-contractors are involved. Often the general contractor is the one managing the entire work schedule, so they would be the most best contact on the project. The general contractor knows all the subs and vendors, knows the schedule, allowing him or her to organize the final cleaning and make sure it happens at the right time.

Compass Offers the Following Tucson Post-Construction Cleaning Services

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we can take care of any post-construction cleanup in Tucson, Marana, and Oro Valley, AZ and the surrounding areas. Our experienced cleaning technicians offer the following post-construction cleaning services.
  As construction in Tucson continues to boom, our professional cleaning staff is here to get your post-construction cleaning done as quickly as possible and efficiently. We will provide you great service during each phase of the post-construction cleanup process, including any re-cleans or owner-approval cleanings that may be required. For more information about our post-construction cleaning services in the Tucson area, please reach out to us at 520-301-2114. We promise to answer all of your questions and tell you more about the many cleaning services we offer.

Space after construction

What Makes Us the Best Post-Construction Cleanup Crew in Tucson, Arizona?

Are you looking for the best post-construction cleanup crew in Tucson, AZ? If so, then you will want a commercial cleaning company with years of professional experience and a large number of positive customer reviews. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, our commercial cleaning staff has over two decades of experience completing post-construction cleanup projects across Tucson, and the surrounding areas including Marana and Oro Valley. We hold each and every one of our professional cleaners to the highest standards of conduct. The level of service we provide is always appreciated by the construction crews and general contractors throughout Arizona.

It's good for you to know that our post-construction cleanup crews have received extensive training and know how to use all the special cleaning equipment and methods your job may require. Our CCS franchisees train all their employees to use the latest cutting-edge technology and innovations such as micro-fiber cleaning materials, when conducting a post-construction cleaning project. Not only does this make the construction cleanup process more effective, it also makes the process more efficient as well. For more information about our top-notch post-construction cleaning crews, give us a call today at 520-301-2114. A knowledgeable representative from Compass Cleaning Solutions will provide you with additional information about our services and the importance of our post-construction cleaning services.

Post-Construction Cleaning Professionals That Are Detail-Driven

While cleaning up your construction site, our professional cleaners will do their best to remove any evidence that construction took place. We want your newly built or renovated commercial space to look brand new and be welcoming to potential tenants. We accomplish this by carefully reviewing our post-construction cleanup checklist which we've created with your input. Some of the typical details we take care of include:
  • Refreshing Carpeted Areas
  • Removing Scuff Marks From Hardwood or Tile Floors
  • Cleaning and Dusting Every Surface in Sight
  • Removing Smudges or Scuffs From The Interior Walls
  • Cleaning Around Door Frames, Interiors of Cabinets, Lighting Fixtures, Polishing Glass Partitions, Office Furniture, etc.
  • Dusting of Any High Open HVAC Ductwork
Many commercial cleaners in Tucson, AZ miss these critical details when conducting a post-construction cleaning job. If you desire a detail-driven post-construction cleaning near you, then reach out to our professional team to schedule a free initial consultation. We will share the high-quality results we have produced for our customers over the decades.

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The construction industry faces more challenges than ever today when building or renovating a commercial or residential property. But the post-construction cleanup process doesn't have to be one of them.. Many construction crews simply do not have the manpower, time, attention to detail, or patience to complete the cleaning process properly. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, our cleaning experts will remove this burden from you and provide you with the best post-construction cleanup services in the industry.

Contact us today at 520-301-2114 to receive a free post-construction cleanup quote and book an initial appointment to look at your project. You can also send us a message through the online contact form on our website. Let our Tucson commercial cleaning team use our decades of experience to make quick work of your post-construction cleaning project. Call today!

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