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School Cleaning Services
Our schools are responsible for the health and well-being of hundreds or thousands ofstudents each day. It is important to provide each student with a healthy and safe learning environment. Preventing the spread of germs, bacteria, and infectious diseases is a major part of this, especially during the coronavirus pandemic

This may seem overwhelming, especially with the amount of traffic going in and out of a school on any given day. Luckily, we provide services well-crafted to get the job done! So, without further ado, let's go over a few reasons why you need a school cleaning service and how to get the ball rolling with a cleaning service in Tucson, Marana, and Oro Valley. 


3 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Cleaning Company

Clean carpets, germ control, disinfection services, round-the-clock janitorial services; it's no secret that a clean school is a happy school. Here are a few reasons why you should contact the pros instead of basic janitorial cleaning services. 

1. It Helps Build a Healthy Environment for Staff and Students 

This may be a no-brainer, but in modern times providing a healthy environment in your school has become more vital than ever. Why take the chances of having in-house staff members clean when you can hire professionals to ensure that your school is the healthiest environment for students and staff? 

2. Your Staff Can Focus on Their Responsibilities 

Teachers will at times feel obligated to keep their classrooms spotless trying to prevent common contaminants and the everyday mess. When the cleaning is taken care of by a professional, the teachers can focus on the primary responsibilities. 

3. It Makes Your School a More Welcoming Place

When your school is well-maintained and kept looking good-as-new, it becomes a much more welcoming place for students and teachers alike. Our professional cleaners know this is a difficult time for schools across the country. We can help protect your students and teachers from COVID-19 and give parents peace of mind knowing their children are safe.

Compass Cleaning Solutions: Dedicated and Experienced

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we have seen firsthand how poor cleaning practices can compromise the health and learning of students. We understand many students have sensitivities to harsh cleaning chemicals, making it essential to keep your school green and healthy. Our Compass Cleaning Solutions franchisees are committed to using environmentally friendly products that quickly and efficiently take care of your school cleaning needs.

School Disinfection Services We Provide

The cleaning experts at Compass Cleaning Solutions will provide you with a level of service to match your needs and budget. We know different cleaning methods are often required depending on the type of educational facility you are in.

For example, the cleaning needs of an elementary school may not mirror the cleaning needs of a vocational school. The immune systems of younger children are generally more vulnerable to sickness and infection. The school disinfection services we provide include:

  • Preschool and Daycare Cleaning
  • K-12 Cleaning
  • Technical and Vocational School Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning company believes a clean environment is the foundation for a good education. Educators cannot teach and students cannot learn effectively in a classroom full of dirt, grime, and germs. We will make it our priority to clean every surface of your educational facility, prioritizing high-traffic areas where germs and bacteria are known to accumulate and spread with ease.

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Benefits of Our School Cleaning Services

There are a ton of benefits to keep in mind when hiring Compass Cleaning Solutions for your school cleaning. From customizable cleaning plans made specifically for your facility to excellent customer service, our team is ready for any task you may present them with. Here are a few other perks you will benefit from:

The Deepest Clean Guaranteed

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for school cleaning services. However, many commercial cleaning companies have only recently begun advertising this particular service. They do not have the experience or equipment required to thoroughly disinfect your school.

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we have spent many years perfecting our cleaning techniques for classrooms and school buildings. We use cutting-edge technology to sanitize, clean, and disinfect every square inch of your educational facility. We also use green cleaning products designed to improve indoor air quality and limit contact with harmful chemicals and pollutants. 

We Are a Budget-Friendly Cleaning Business

Additionally, our cleaning techniques help us work within your expected school budget. Many schools in Arizona have limited cleaning budgets and large classroom sizes. Our cleaning professionals understand your school cleaning budget can vary from year to year.

After a recent review, we have discovered the cleaning techniques we use provide better coverage at a faster pace than traditional methods. This lets us maintain our competitive pricing while continuing to offer top-notch school cleaning services.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services for Schools

As students begin heading back to school, many schools are looking for deep cleaning services to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Most commercial cleaning companies have different interpretations of deep cleaning services for schools. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, a deep clean is done to improve the appearance and cleanliness of a school by cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing the entire facility.

The goal is to remove germs, bacteria, dirt, dust, pollen, and mold, along with fighting viruses like the flu or COVID-19. A deep cleaning typically covers areas not covered by standard cleaning methods. Our cleaning technicians use a treatment called electrostatic disinfection to provide 360-degree coverage to every surface in a classroom.

We also offer anti-microbial treatment for schools looking to receive a deep cleaning. Anti-microbial cleaning solutions bond to inert surfaces and continue protecting those surfaces for an extended amount of time. This treatment is effective for schools needing long-term protection from dangerous microorganisms. Most importantly, other cleaning processes do not affect or diminish the effects of anti-microbial treatment.

The following video shows an actual Electrostatic application of Chlorine Dioxide. This is the same process we use for applying the anti-microbial sealer. For more information about our deep cleaning services for schools, give us a call at 520-301-2114, or schedule an appointment.


School Cleaning Guidelines for Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put out guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, including schools during the coronavirus pandemic. They recommend that each school complete the following steps:

  • Develop a Cleaning Plan
  • Implement the Cleaning Plan
  • Maintain and Revise the Cleaning Plan When Necessary


At Compass Cleaning Solutions, our cleaning experts are familiar with the guidelines released by the CDC and other health organizations. We can help you develop a cleaning plan that meets and surpasses your current cleaning expectations. We can also help you implement your cleaning plan by creating and sticking to acleaning schedule.


Additionally, we can revise your cleaning plan based on the appropriate disinfectant and availability of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our staff will answer your questions about PPE and school disinfection services during an initial consultation. Call or Tucson Team or our other surrounding office locations today!


Commercial Cleaning Services for Schools

Well, it appears as if you have come to the right place! You needed a commercial cleaning company to disinfect and sanitize your school, and found the perfect one. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, our commercial cleaning services for schools distinguish us from other cleaning companies in Tucson, Marana, and Oro Valley. Simply put, our results speak for themselves. Contact us today at 520-301-2114 to receive a free quote.

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