What Would Improve Your Workplace?

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • September 30, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

I was driving to work the other day and heard a survey about improving the workplace. I’m not sure who did the survey but it did get me thinking about our office. The survey results (again, take this with a grain of salt) found the following:
  • 78% said they would give their boss an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade (whew. I was worried there for a second).
  • 44% would eliminate office politics (what, no more throwing people under the bus or backstabbing to get to the top).
  • 41% said they would like to telecommute (this gives a whole new meaning to business casual)
  • 37% said they would upgrade their equipment (hey, our computers are only 6 years old… that’s like 600 computer years or something)
  • 35% wanted nicer office furniture (government surplus was good enough for my parents its good enough for you)
  • 34% wanted more private work areas (not a problem, I’ll just take away your Internet privileges)
  • 34% wanted more flexible hours (you already work from 6 to 6, how many more hours do you want to work?)
Interesting results. I’m not sure how scientific it is, but interesting. I have a few other possibilities:
  • An espresso bar (juice bar)
  • Wide Screen TV with a live feed to multiple sporting broadcasts
  • Catered lunch service
  • Friday paint ball tournaments
So do you have any other ideas to improve the workplace? Compass Cleaning Solutions would love to hear from you.