Medical office cleaning: Improve infection control

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • January 09, 2018
Medical office cleaning in Phoenix, AZ
Health and cleanliness always go hand in hand together; and to prevent germs and infections from spreading all over your medical office in Phoenix, proper medical office cleaning Phoenix is required. Every year, over two million people are affected by germs from health care facilities and a study has revealed that this alarming number can be reduced by more than 30% with proper infection control procedures that entail medical office cleaning from an expert commercial cleaning company.

Special Janitorial Services Phoenix

Of course, medical offices in Phoenix have plenty of areas that need proper cleaning. Examination rooms, for example, require thorough cleaning with appropriate disinfectants to eliminate any bacterial contamination. An ordinary commercial cleaning Phoenix service may not be knowledgeable about the special needs required for medical office cleaning. That's why it's important to rely on a special janitorial service in Phoenix that has both the experience and expertise needed in meeting the special cleaning demands of a medical office. These medical office cleaning Phoenix companies know which areas require special cleaning attention and the right procedures to use on them. And unlike ordinary janitorial companies, medical office cleaning companies have trained their staff in handling medical waste in a specific manner. Their specialist cleaners know how to dispose bandages, syringes and more according to the regulations or standards set by the EPA and can commit to handling the disposal accordingly.

Medical Cleaning Phoenix Services

There are plenty of special janitorial services in Phoenix that you can look into to get the job done and these companies normally have the tools and techniques needed to get it right. Unlike ordinary household cleaning services, these companies utilize protective equipment like gowns, gloves, and masks in cleaning out potentially contaminated spaces. They also know the proper commercial cleaning in Phoenix procedures to use and rely on potent but hospital-grade approved disinfectants to rid an area of infection. They are also aware on the different areas that require special cleaning attention such as those "high touch areas" including patient beds, keyboards, phones, tables and chairs, TV and remotes, light switches, and door handles.And with the right commercial cleaning Phoenix service, you can better protect your patients, your employees, and yourself by guaranteeing that there are no lingering harmful chemicals and contagious materials that can cause serious problems.

A Clean Medical Office Is A Profitable Medical Office

Medical office cleaning Phoenix services normally offer contracts to customers, which can aid in savings costs from janitorial cleaning services over the length of the contract. They can offer services on a daily basis, three times a week, or on any schedule that is ideal for your business. Proper Janitorial services in Phoenix is vital to your business's long-term success because healthier patients are more likely to become loyal customers and they can also help spread the name of your facility to their family and friends. After all, any person would always choose a particularly clean medical facility over a dirty one which makes cleanliness an integral part of your business.