How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Increase Your Building’s Property Value

by Mike Derryberry • August 24, 2021

Commercial Building in Phoenix AZ

The majority of business owners and commercial property owners focus on the immediate benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service. They want their facility to look clean and leave a lasting impression on their customers, employees and tenants. However, hiring a commercial cleaning provider for routine maintenance and cleaning also provides many long-term benefits that often do not get a lot of attention. For example, the physical condition of your building can have a major impact on the property value of your building. It is in your best interest to maintain the physical assets of your building. This includes having clean, well-maintained carpeting, hardwood flooring, windows, etc. Keep reading to discover the types of commercial cleaning services that can increase your building’s property value.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you are a business owner or commercial property owner, then you probably already know that your building, office space or facility is an important asset. You must keep it well-maintained if you want the value of your property to increase over time. When a prospective buyer inspects your property, one of the first things he or she will look at is your flooring. If your carpeting has a bad smell and is filled with dust, dirt and allergens, then your chances of securing a sale go down the drain quickly.

With the help of a commercial cleaning service in Phoenix, Arizona, you can restore your carpeting to its original state and impress potential buyers or appraisers. An experienced commercial cleaner will use state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products to clean your carpeting and remove any small spots or stains. This will guarantee your carpeting looks its best from all angles and make it easier for your property on the open market.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

In addition to commercial carpet cleaning, commercial floor cleaning is essential if you want to increase your building’s property value. Most businesses and commercial properties have a mixture of carpet and commercial flooring. There are many different kinds of commercial flooring, including but not limited to:
  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • And more
It is important for you to pick a commercial cleaner with years of experience cleaning many different kinds of commercial flooring. You never want to run into a situation where the cleaning team you hire uses the wrong cleaning products for your particular flooring. This could diminish the quality of your flooring, causing your building’s property value to diminish. Always double and triple-check with the people cleaning your building to ensure they are using the right tools and technology for your commercial flooring.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Another easy way to increase the value of your commercial building is to properly take care of your windows. Windows are often the first thing a person sees when they enter a building, so you should make sure yours look their best. A commercial cleaning company that offers interior and exterior window cleaning can help you with this task. They can remove any unwelcome pollen, calcium, dirt, dust and bacteria that has accumulated on your windows.

Not only will this keep your windows looking clean and attractive, but it will also prevent the glass from degrading. This will save you money on future repairs and help you attract the right people to your building. The quality of your commercial tenants can improve the reputation of your building and significantly impact its monetary value. A professional commercial cleaning service should clean your windows weekly to influence public opinion and maintain the status and prestige of your building.

Maintain a Positive, Professional Appearance With Compass Cleaning Solutions

In order to increase your building’s property value, it is essential for you to maintain a positive, professional appearance. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, our commercial cleaners have helped many business owners and commercial real estate owners boost the appearance of their buildings. Our CCS franchise owners are trained to go above and beyond the most fundamental cleaning processes and will develop a commercial cleaning plan tailored specifically for your business. To book an appointment with our janitorial cleaning service, contact us today at 602-606-7900. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you understand how the Compass Difference can add to the growth of your building’s property value.

About the Author

Mike Derryberry is the principal owner and the Chief Visionary Officer of Compass Cleaning Solutions. Since 2004, he and his company have provided personable, professional and conscientious commercial cleaning services to customers throughout the Phoenix Valley and the surrounding areas. He believes strongly in providing CCS franchise owners with a sustainable business model, giving them the tools, training and franchise support they need to build a successful commercial cleaning business and become financially independent.

For over 17 years, Mike has focused on providing the best quality janitorial services for his Phoenix customers. His belief in the culture and people at Compass Cleaning Solutions has given him the motivation to expand the company and secure a unique place in the commercial cleaning industry. He wants each and every customer to have an exceptional customer service experience and has invested heavily in the development of environmentally safe products and practices. His company employs a variety of advanced technologies, including the use of organic cleaning products, microfiber tools and the most advanced cleaning equipment on the market.

Mike is an eager advocate for good leadership practices and believes wholeheartedly that purpose, values and mission are the essential traits for any successful company. His passion for providing ethical and moral leadership has helped Compass Cleaning Solutions become a top-ranked janitorial business in the Phoenix area. The company was awarded the 2020 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics for the Pacific Southwest. The company was also recognized by as one of the Best Office Cleaners in Phoenix for 2021.