Courage & Heroes

by Mike Derryberry • March 09, 2020
What do you think of when you think of courage?

I don't know about you but I think back to (Sully) Sullivan who protected hundreds of people on an airplane by guiding it into the Hudson River.
I think of our military guys and gals who run into danger to protect their brothers and sisters.
I think of police and firemen who run into dangerous situations when everybody else is running the other way.
I think of people that I've seen on videos and different news clippings. Different situations where people have risked their own lives for other people who they didn't know.
These are definitely heroes. I would tell you that they are absolutely the greatest heroes we have and I would say that these people definitely have courage.
The question I have for you and is, are we courageous? Do we have courage? I would bet that most of us would say, yeah, not me. I'm not that one. I am not sure that I would do that.  I'm just I'm fearful.

And you know it's interesting, the definition of courage I think is probably best summed up in a simple definition that I heard, you act in the face of fear. I'm taking action even though I'm fearful, even though this is a scary situation, even though everything could go wrong I'm going to act anyway. That's courage.
For a second I'd like to kind of maybe twist this a little bit, maybe talk about it in a different way. I asked a minute ago if you have courage.
Let me ask you this. When you started your business were you fearful?
I know I was when I started my business there were all kinds of risks involved. I knew that I could lose my reputation. I could be ridiculed. I could lose everything financially that we had ever built. I could lose all kinds of other less significant things but the reality is there was a lot to lose. There was some fear involved but I did it anyway and guess what, so did you.
Here you are, you started your business, you jumped in and you did it. Congratulations! You acted in the presence of fear.
I would contend that you have also demonstrated courage. In some ways, I would say you're a hero.
Here's why. Business owners are basically one-tenth of the population.
That means that nine out of 10 people will never do what you have done.
90% of the population won't take the risk. They won't act, because of the fear.
You acted when you started your business. You acted in the presence of fear. Once again, congratulations, now don't give up!
I know, it may be hard right now. It may be difficult. You can be facing some things that are very, very hard and scary, I get it. I've been there but don't give up, keep going forward.
Demonstrate courage!
Your courage will motivate others.
Your courage will inspire others.
As a business owner, you are a hero.
You are courageous.
You're a hero to your community because you bring financial security to members of your team. You bring revenue into the economy. You support various different causes.
The bottom line is you are a hero and you have acted with courage.
I say to you, good job, keep going!

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