Common Complaints About Commercial Cleaning Companies

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • March 31, 2016
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Over the next few weeks we will be addressing Customer Service Complaints and how to make sure those issues are minimized and a professional long lasting relationship with your commercial janitorial company is developed. You can join our online discussion by going to our Facebook page and posting on the Discussions Page or comment directly at the end of this post. Here are a few of the topics (favorite complaints) we will be discussing:
  • Quality of our service has dropped off over time
  • The crew did not clean over the weekend
  • The doors were unlocked and or the alarms were not set
  • They ate food from the refrigerator
  • Theft
  • They brought children or pets into the office while they were working
  • They used our computers
  • They use our cleaning supplies rather than their own
  • They left garbage sitting at the back door
These are just a few issues every office cleaning service will hear from the customer at some time.

You may have others. Let us know about your experience and most importantly what would have made the difference for you. Your input is a valuable resource for us.

If your current janitorial service company is not pro-actively addressing your biggest issues I would be concerned. Are they dismissing your concerns as unimportant? Are they making excuses? Do they see this issue as ‘your problem’?

On the other hand, a company that takes personal responsibility, pro-actively puts together a plan of action and engages you in the process is saying, “you are important to us and we will do what is necessary to serve you better”. Attitude and perspective are huge. How does your current office janitorial service stack up?

Now that you know some typical complaints about commercial cleaning services from above, it's about time to know why these incidents happen in the first place.

For the building management team, it is their main responsibility to maintain an organized and clean office environment for the tenants.

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A smooth business relationship is required between a building manager and a core staff from a janitorial service company to attain this objective. In fact, commercial cleaning is now a lucrative form of business in Phoenix, Arizona that significantly alleviates company issues with regard to office cleaning and garbage disposal concerns.

Common complaints from clients are inevitable, and the commercial janitorial company is expected to address the clients' concerns with proactive response each time. Commercial cleaning services should not only focus on standard industry practices but also the form of working system that applies to every client.

A janitorial service company offers a broad range of services from supplies handling, workforce scheduling and day-by-day monitoring of activities. Let's find out some common issues that often result to contract termination if not resolved immediately:

1. Lack of concern on security matters

Theft is a major issue which may result in the loss of trust and confidence from clients. Theft incidents are often related to loss of personal belongings, office supplies, pantry supplies and even cleaning supplies. In addition, common security problems are not attended such as:
  • Failure to lock up the access doors after completing the task
  • Failure to restore the security alarm
  • Failure to secure attendance records and inventory during long holidays
2. Inconsistency on work quality
Many clients observe that office cleaning companies always start impressively but unable to sustain relationship growth. This concern is attributed to lack of attention to the following issues:
  • Tardiness among cleaners
  • Failure to attend weekend schedules or pre-preparation prior to an important event
  • Work completion under time pressure
  • Failure to address problems on staff and existing service contracts immediately
  • Complacency
  • Lack of motivation for skills enhancement
3. Lack of initiative for career growth and constant client contact

Service coverage upgrading is an effective way for a cleaning service company in Phoenix to stay competitive. Clients may create a bad impression over cleaners who don't have the proper work attitude. Moreover, office cleaners with basic skills like wiring installation and furniture repair can increase their market value as well as prospective clients for the company.

To maintain a continuous relationship with clients, it is best for commercial cleaning agencies to take proactive measures like:
  • Checking the work status either weekly or monthly
  • Performing disciplinary actions on erring staffs
  • Promptly attend to concerns received from Emails and phone calls
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4. Unattended communication issues

Communication problems between clients and janitorial service companies appear to be a tough challenge. To solve this, the latter is expected to conduct regular site visits, cleaner evaluation, cleaning supplies inventory and incident reports. But more than this, clients should be able to contact the company representative as soon as work issues have been raised. Other communication issues include:
  • Cleaners insubordination to direct supervisors
  • Lack of coordination with the building administrator with regard to building maintenance schedules
Commercial cleaning companies are essential components to increase office productivity while maintaining a healthy working environment among staffs. This is why the selection of an office cleaning contractor should be based on consistency and dedication, not from company accreditation alone.