Antimicrobial Sealer Used By Compass Cleaning Solutions Confirmed to Fight the Spread of COVID-19

by Mike Derryberry • November 13, 2020

In Arizona, the number of daily coronavirus cases has started to increase as we head into the winter season. As a Phoenix business owner, you should have a coronavirus cleaning plan in place in order to protect yourself, your employees and your customers.

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, our commercial cleaners have the ability to use antimicrobial sealer when cleaning businesses in the Phoenix area. Antimicrobial sealer is designed to kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms on every surface in your office for an extended period of time. If you are looking for COVID-19 disinfection services, then the antimicrobial technology we use will help your business remain clean and safe during the winter season. It is scientifically proven to kill the coronavirus on surfaces in your office for around 60-90 days.

If you are interested in receiving ongoing protection for your business from our honest and ethical commercial cleaning company, then please give us a call. Our Phoenix cleaners will answer all your questions and help you create a commercial cleaning plan that matches your desired needs and budget.

What Are Antimicrobial Sealers and How Do They Work?

Dating back as along ago as the 1960’s, scientists with Dow Corning’s research and development department began studying a variety of materials with antimicrobial properties. You can take these materials and apply them to surfaces to prevent viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms from being able to survive. Over the years, Dow Corning eventually sold their patents, the purchasers of which allowed them to expire. However, many researchers continued to study and improve upon the materials and patent their own products.

Though formulations may vary, the family of compounds all work by forming a covalent bond (the sharing of electrons) with the material they are applied to, whether it be porous or non-porous, creating an adhesion that prevents the coating from simply being wiped away. It is essentially now permanently fused to the surface and will only wear away over time through the repeated application of friction.

Once bonded to the surface, the molecular structure of the sealer is one that contains positively charged nitrogen at its base followed by a crystalline spike. When microbes land on the spike, their protective outer membrane is pierced, which can often times kill the offending “bug”. However, once the negatively charged microbe comes into contact with the positively charged Nitrogen, its cellular structure is ruptured, and it is killed on contact.

What this means is that any microbes that land on a surface treated with the sealer die instantly. The dead bio-matter can then be easily wiped up with a neutral cleaner and microfiber towels during the course of normal cleaning duties. The surface poses no threat of contaminating someone who comes into contact with it in the interim, and there is no need to clean using a toxic chemical disinfectant. Your surfaces can self-disinfect, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are There Clinical Studies That Prove the Effectiveness of These Products?

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, the particular product that we use was tested in June of 2020 by two independent labs. These labs are members of a coalition of 53 labs across 32 countries known as the Global Virus Network (GVN). Both studies confirmed that 99.7% of the virus died on contact when applied to a surface that was treated with the sealer 46 days prior.

Six weeks later, the sealer was killing almost 100% of the virus and showing no signs of slowing down. In theory, the sealer would remain active on the surface indefinitely, assuming it never gets touched. However, many surfaces are touched repeatedly, and friction will, as it will with anything over time, cause the sealer to get worn away. We therefore recommend that it be reapplied every 60-90 days to ensure your surfaces remain protected year-round.

For more information on the studies that were conducted, you can visit this site.

Additionally, to see how the sealer works, you can watch the following short video.

What Type of Businesses Can Benefit From Our Antimicrobial Cleaning Service?

The majority of businesses in Tempe, Phoenix and the rest of Maricopa County can benefit from our antimicrobial cleaning service. However, if your business receives a large amount of foot traffic, then you should definitely consider giving us a call. These businesses include: If you own or manage one of these businesses, then a traditional cleaning service may not provide you, your employees and your customers with enough protection against the coronavirus. However, with the protection provided by our antimicrobial sealer, any high touch surfaces and hard to reach areas in your office will remain clean for several weeks or more. Not only will this prevent you from having to sanitize and disinfect your office space multiple times per week, but it will also help you save money that can go towards your business operations.

Receive Antimicrobial Protection for Your Business

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we know that antimicrobial sealer is more effective and longer lasting than the majority of traditional disinfectants on the market. If you want your office free from contamination for an extended period of time, then our antimicrobial cleaning methods are the perfect solution for you. Contact us today at 602-606-7900 to receive antimicrobial protection for your business and limit the spread of coronavirus infection on the job. You can also send us a message online and request a free quote. A member of our team will reach out to you and tell you more about the professional and personalized service you can expect from our Phoenix commercial cleaners. Call today!